The Finish Line

Oh my goodness it’s my last slice! Thank goodness. It was hard sharing this year. I’m glad I did, but dang it was hard.

Something I’m thankful for today: FaceOff back to back episodes that let me look at cool things, but I don’t have to focus on the talking so perhaps – just perhaps – something can get done up in here.

yeah, I said it.

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Self Actualization

Things I know about me.

1. My favorite colors are red and purple.

2. I think single stuffed Oreos are wastes (see yesterday’s post)

3. People think I’m bad at decisions, but I usually know what I want: I just want reassurance that what I want is an okay/good decision.

4. I don’t like doing dishes, but I really hate the drying part.

5. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I hate putting things on hangers. I just want them to put themselves away.

6. I don’t want to let people down.

7. I think if you think that you have everything down/know everything that you’re probably the farthest from that.

8. I don’t think you have to like someone to just simply be nice to them.

9. I wish Amy Sherman-Palladino and Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon would combine forces and make a movie or a series. This, I believe, would beĀ epic.

10. I really like even numbers. So when I ran out of things I’m sure of for the moment, I had to create a 10th one.

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New Rules

When I’m in charge of the imaginary world I will mandate the following:

1. Oreos only come doublestuffed. I mean honestly.

2. Award shows can only be on Fridays or Saturdays. Why is it always Sundays? Annoying.

3. Girl Meets World can’t be this entertaining.

4. Work email can’t be accessed during Spring Break.

5. Recommendation Letters wouldn’t be needed ever (see before post).

6. All tubs would be garden tubs.

7. Jeans would be able to be worn all the time.

8. I’m sure there are more…

be prepared. There will be tiaras. prepare for the tiaras.

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End of Spring Break To Do List

Spring Break is over. Now it’s just a simple weekend. A simple weekend full of the things I haven’t done over the past week.


– Give my dog a bath

– Do all the laundry

– Prep food for lunches and breakfasts for the week

– Watch way too much of The Royals on E!

– Finish up lesson plans (and by finish, I mean work on…)

– Clean up other stuff

– Start to prepare for all the events this quarter

All the things. Or I’ll just sit here and Kardashian it up.

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What have you been doing with your life?

Tonight I’m traveling the whole 8 minutes to get to my friend’s house.

I’m bringing Thai food and Pretty Woman… which.. SHE”S NEVER SEEN.

So, of course, recognizing the lack of awesome in her life, I told her we must remedy this at once.

Now of course comes the hope that she likes it as much as oh.. you know… EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET.

Here’s to hoping that I can actually make it through the 2 hour, 5 minute movie without quoting the whole thing.

#missiontocivilize #3000dollars

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Ode to Chick Fil A

Can I get Chick Fil A every morning before school? Sure.

But that would require me to pass the chick fil a next to me, drive allllll the way to my school, pass it, and go about 15 minutes past my actual destination. Can this be done? Sure. Am I sometimes early enough to get it done and still get to school when I want to get to school? Sure.

Is that a usual situation I can maneuver? Nope.

So today I bask in the awesome that is the Chick Fil A next to me. The one that doesn’t open until 630 am – which would seem early enough – but alas still too late for me.

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Middle of a War

Today I sat in the middle of a war.

I took my dog to my parents’ house and thus the chaos (as per usual) ensued.

My parents own four cats and a dog. The dog is rather large and gets pushed around by my diva dog.

One cat is afraid of everything. I see her at mealtimes.

The other three cats are related. And vicious. And tHEY do NOT like my diva dog.

So as one of them perched herself (himself? I actually have NO idea which of the grey cats this was.. there are too many) on the back of the couch I was sitting on and my dog sat at my feet. And by sat, I mean prepared to pounce.

Thus, making sure that my dog did not get mauled by cats today, is the reason no lesson planning got done.

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