“Wait a sec, I’m gonna write one of my own.”

Fun fact: I have an intern.

We tag-teamed an allusions poetry lesson today and she did very well. We went over a poem with students and then had them write their own versions of the poem. After each class period we talked about things that we saw that went well and things we perhaps wanted to change for the next period and those students’ needs. I told her that I felt more at ease throughout the several times I do every lesson (just in case she was feeling that way). I was preparing to show her the next day’s lesson when she said, “Wait a sec, I’m gonna write one (of these poems) of my own.” And I was proud. One of my biggest goals every year is to write more with my students. I try to do it regularly, but so many other things get in the way (I know! I know! Excuses!)  She wrote her own and shared it with the students during the next class. She did a great job. She even thinks she’s going to turn it in for one of her grad class’s writing anthologies.

At the beginning of this intern experience, I was worried that I didn’t know how to have an intern. I had awesome internship teachers and I try to emulate them but I never know if I’m doing the right thing or explaining it in the right way. It’s like my first year of teaching students all over again. But today I saw her take the initiative and get something done that she knew would make a difference in her part of the lesson and I was extremely proud. And then can I tell her? Can I be like “shoot!? Well done! I should’ve done that!”? I need to, because it’s true. She added to the prestige of the lesson and she needs to know that was all her, and not me.

I know she’ll have plenty more of these moments and I’m excited that I’m going to witness some of them.

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4 Responses to “Wait a sec, I’m gonna write one of my own.”

  1. Lori Kidder says:

    I admire people who have student teachers. Mine was amazing also. Maybe in a few years I’ll be ready to try it.

  2. Beth Scanlon says:

    You allowed her the space to add to the prestige of the lesson! Many interns are just grading papers.

  3. Yes! Tell her! What a great moment. I love how you captured it in this slice. Which poem were you all analyzing and imitating?

  4. krystinicole says:

    That time was the George Ella Lyon “Where I’m From” piece, which I also seem to talk about in today’s slice… yay for #makeupwork haha!

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