My brother is the best. It’s true, I can’t lie about it. He’s my smart alec comment at the end of a long day, the fashionable one, the best movie and tv commentator and the smart one. I often thank God that I’m so lucky to be blessed with him as my brother. Today I witnessed some pretty cool sibling love inside and outside my classroom. Sibling love isn’t always too obvious inside a high school. From what I’ve witnessed, you’re either really close or not close at all. Two specific instances caught my eye today.

While students were writing today, someone showed a student a picture of his sister accidentally falling asleep in a previous class across the hall. (She had immediately after been woken up; apologizing profusely!)  I should probably give you some back story: two years ago, his sister was a ninth grader in my class and she wrote a poem about how her (then) eighth grade brother skipped school and his punishment afterwards. The first time I met him, I relayed this message to him and he promised he had learned his lesson after that time. He’s an awesome student and I could never ever imagine him skipping school, but it was still a moment to share with him about how his sister had fallen asleep. Did he say “See! She’s asleep! I’m the good one!”? Nope. His first and only response was a sweet nickname that you could hear a three year old version of him call her and his explaination that she was really tired because of her sports game the day before.

And then, tonight, another sight of brotherly love. Two of my students are twin brothers. They are both in the same English class and could not be more different. They seem to like different music, hang out with different people and enjoy different hobbies. That does not mean that the love is not there. At tonight’s family literacy night, we had a preview of our upcoming poetry slam. One of the twins stepped up to the microphone for what I’m to understand was one of his first sharing experiences. I surveyed the crowd and found his brother, looking and listening to the poem. The boy next to him started to say something in the middle of the poem. He gave him a wave of the hand and quietly said, “Yo, my brother’s talking, shut it!” When his brother finished (his fabulous poem), the audience members snapped their applause and the loudest snapping was from the twin in the back. Usually the tough guy, he showed pride and lots of love for his brother.

The pure love and admiration shown between siblings today was a great change from the sometimes meticulous angst trails of a high school hallway. They never cease to amaze me.

Meanwhile, I’m going to text my brother…


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One Response to Brothers

  1. jmagee says:

    This makes me want to shoot my brother a text too! He comes home this weekend for his spring break and I’ve been counting down the days to see him 🙂

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