“Miss, do you have an umbrella I can borrow?”

It was raining all day and everyone was a little out of sorts. I love the rain, but I feel like it’s much better spent with a book, under the covers of my comfy bed. Nevertheless, it was a school day. We have an open campus with a lot of portables, so many students have to run through the rain to get to classes. With damp students and settling in after a whole day of daylight savings time adjustment, it was time to catch up on all the anxious energy of being a high schooler. I always have to laugh at these days. Nothing really goes absolutely right – but nothing goes extremely wrong. Hence, I have damp students and rain covered windows that make everyone a little bit stir crazy.

So what was the big event of the day?

My desk exploded. And of course, my definition of explosion is the teacher-tornado coming through and taking everything out and throwing it on my own desk. My desk was a mess before, and it was a big pile of mess when I piled it all up. Was this a response to a particularly irritating situation? Meh. Was it an attempt at being able to control something in a chaotic moment? whatevs… psychoanalysis of myself later. I’m counting it as a glorious attempt at procrastination (should I rename my blog to “The Procrastination Diaries”? I’m sensing a theme here…) and the outcome involved having a clean and organized desk. Can’t be too bad of a distraction if that’s the outcome, right?

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