Food for thought

Yesterday I wasn’t in my classroom. I had a subsitute and that’s not always easy to bounce back from. One of my students, however, brought me a piece of her birthday cake from yesterday. It was possibly the BEST cake EVER. It was marble (my favorite) and instead of the white part of the marble cake – it was rainbow! (I was so childishly interested, it was sad!) My student told me that not many of her friends remembered her birthday. She was, however, happy about telling me about the mustache cake that the piece I was shoveling into my mouth had once belonged to. It was a good moment, with good cake (as all good moments should be).

In keeping with my good food day: I have made my first roasted chicken. ::happy dance:: I know this doesn’t sound exciting but I’m excited. I’ve never been that excited about roasting a whole chicken. I usually just buy the ones already done from the grocery store and then take them apart (yuck…). ORRRRR I buy one from the grocery store while with my mother sooooo… she can pull it apart for me (I’m so needy!). But my grandmother gave me TWO frozen WHOLE chickens. Why? Because she’s a stockpiler. Not like an extreme couponer, just a stockpiler in general. So basically, she had two extra chickens that she finally realized she would never eat. What happens to food she doesn’t want? I eat it.

So I tried it out today. And it WORKED. I’m currently snacking on some pretty yummy roasted chicken. The smoke alarm only went off once for one painfully annoying minute – even though I swear it only went off because of my nervousness level. I didn’t see any smoke at all. I have plenty of things to do tonight, but now I’m already accomplished for the day. It’s all downhill from here 🙂 .



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4 Responses to Food for thought

  1. Deb Gaby says:

    Congratulations on your roasted chicken. I smiled at your excitement over the rainbow cake. I make rainbow jello for holidays and eating the different colored layer…just staring at it makes me smile. Love your title. Caught my eye.

  2. Beth says:

    wondering what makes it fire-roasted…

  3. readsomuch says:

    Hooray for roasting your own chicken! I remember the first time I was able to cook and not scorch a chicken. Yum! Congrats!

  4. Love it, love it! I laughed at how you describe your grandmother. I can hear your voice so clearly–it’s delightful! When we roast chicken (that being Richard more than me) we put the bird in the roasting pan and stuff it with fresh rosemary and other sprigs of green goodness. Then put carrot, celery , onion and potato around it in the pan, salt and pepper and it’s in! How did you do it?

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