“She’s probably the only reason I went to school”

There are many people that I admire; several of whom I work with. One, in particular, I don’t see everytday. We don’t necessarily work close together as she is in a different department than myself, but she teaches Reading so really we are in the same game. Whenever I speak to her, even if only for a short time, she reminds me that there are truly sweet people in the world. She’s always got a smile on her face and a pleasant thing to say.

I know she probably has her bad/off days (I like to think everyone does. It’s the only way to appreciate the good days 🙂 ). But everytime I see her, she’s appreciative of something around her. In a meeting I co-ran a few weeks ago, she could not stop saying how much she learned and explained how she could use it in her classroom.

One (well more, but we’re focusing here…) of my students absolutely adores her. This student doesn’t necessarily get along with everyone, but she is very bright. She has told me lately that this particular teacher is probably the only reason she came to school last year. This student also volunteered to go with my intern to observe this teacher’s class and point out things that really worked for her so my intern could learn from a student’s perspective! The kind of devotion and love is inspirational and I am remembered of it everytime I see her. 


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One Response to “She’s probably the only reason I went to school”

  1. It’s amazing how some people have a way of welcoming those who are struggling. I hope I can be like that. It is very inspirational indeed.

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