“Miss.. You’re the only one that likes me…”

For the past month I’ve been inundated with recommendation forms. First, it started with the community college scholarship applications. A senior, who has gotten into his fair share of trouble (but never with me), whom I’ve never actually had in a class but know pretty well came up to me and said, “Miss… You’re the only one that likes me. Will you fill this out?”

It was a bittersweet moment. Although I knew that there were many other letters and forms to fill out for students I’d actually had, I knew he really thought about whom to give this form to. I appreciated that it was to me, and yet, I’m sorry that so many other adults have had different (less pleasant) interactions with him. I filled out the form and wrote the longest explanation (Pulitzer worthy, if I do say so myself) as to why he deserves this scholarship.

And here I am a month later filling out 14… yeah.. 14 National Honor Society recommendation forms (due.. um.. yesterday). It’s hard to find something new to write for every mini-paragraph for each student. I want to be able to just put a star on everyone of them and say “they’re awesome, just induct them already!” But I know not everyone would agree with me.

I am constantly thankful for some of the positive interactions I have with students that aren’t always the easiest to get along with. I’m sure some of my students have hobbies and out-of-school extracurriculars that aren’t something I’d do, or the law would be interested in. What does that matter if they’re in my classroom ready to learn? And while sometimes it completely confuses me as to how it is possible for a certain student to be understood so differently than I understand them, I know that in some cases I’m naive. And you know what? I’m okay with that. If I am the only positive (if blatantly sarcastic) influence that some of them see in the morning, I can be that person.

Back to writing out these mini-paragraphs.

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5 Responses to “Miss.. You’re the only one that likes me…”

  1. Everyone needs someone to see the good side of them! During the serial killer panel at ALAN, the line that sill spins in my head is about being able to see the bad in the “good” people as well as the good in the bad.

  2. Jaana says:

    You have to be a special teacher! Your students obviously respect you! You have a purpose in your school; maybe one purpose (as I am sure there are many) is to be that positive influence that your students will not see anywhere else!

  3. readsomuch says:

    I’m still hearing that student’s voice “You’re the only one who likes me” – oh wow. I can just see his face. I’m glad he was brave enough to ask you. Your caring and understanding of the kids shines through this post.

  4. Those students are lucky to have you! Sometimes I’m that positive teacher for one of “those” kids, and sometimes I have to trust that some one else will be that person when I can’t.

  5. Rec letters are a good thing and you are a good teacher to do them. That speaks volumes about the trust and belief your students have in you. I love knowing that my STEM ninth graders get to have you next. They are so lucky!

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