And the Countdown begins

I’m sleepy and I’m looking towards the future of this week. So here are all my countdowns in my head.

4 student days ’till Spring Break

1 Teacher Workday

150 grades to enter

100 projects to grade

2 days ’till my birthday

14 days ’till Easter

18 days ’till Senior Olympics

39 days ’till Senior Breakfast

47 days ’till Grad Bash

74 days ’till graduation

79 days ’till post planning


How is it already St. Patrick’s Day!?

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3 Responses to And the Countdown begins

  1. Rachel Z says:

    We start an end of the year countdown at 45 days to go, though that always seems a bit far off for me. Happy birthday in 2 days!

  2. MandyB says:

    I’ve also got a countdown until spring break going on!

  3. Nicole F. says:

    Wow… you think you have so much time and then you break it down into the numbers, and just like you, you’re left asking, how did we get here already. I often think that, as I reminisce back to the past few Easters or spring breaks and think — how was that five years ago already?

    Here’s wishing you a productive week and a restful break.


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