“You may delay, but time will not”

Today I shared my English classroom with the SAFE Counselor at my school. She needed a place for formal observation and I needed someone to give my students some time management skills. It was weird having someone else teaching in my classroom. It was much like the two years I spent in lesson study. I was a mime in a box. All I wanted was to correct misbehavior and add my own tidbits of information to her lesson. What kind of control freak am I? I could never have a co-teacher. This is obviously not the first time that someone else has taught my class. I will say that today went pretty well compared to the past experiences.

She was able to look past the students talking while she was and realize that they were helping eachother understand the lesson. I appreciate that extremely when so many presenters don’t understand that it’s 85% conversation and 15% show in a classroom (arbitrary percentages are my favorite 😉 ).

Her bellwork included having the students explain what they thought a Ben Franklin quote meant to them. It was “you may delay, but time will not.” In our conference last week to prepare for her observation, I told her that she may have to explain part of that quote to certain students. Today I was pleasantly surprised when my students jumped right in and gave their awesome insight into the quote. Even one of my harder-to-reach students (who audibly sighs everytime someone outside-of-the-norm walks into our classroom), responded with “huh! That quote is so right! I like it!”

It’s the little successes that made today a likeable Monday :).


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2 Responses to “You may delay, but time will not”

  1. Cool! I asked a question about metaphors today and had the kids who held up their hands to respond go over to students who did not in order to “teach” them. It worked. 100% could explain it within 30 seconds and applied it throughout class in higher-level thinking. Yea!

  2. Beth says:

    What I like about lesson study and letting others take charge in my class is that it lets me have opportunties to resee my students…

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