It’s my Birthday and I can Slice if I want to

So, I know that usually in these posts I try to be modest (your shocked face is noted…) but literally today was awesome. I am so incredibly blessed it’s basically overwhelming.

Today is my birthday and it was great! So many things happened, that all I can do here is simply list them all. I can’t promise that they’ll be in order and none of them are better than others, it all added to the fabulousness of the day.

  1. My mother texted me at midnight. She had to set her alarm to do it. She’s ridiculous (clearly that skipped a generation 😉 ).
  2. I was given a beautiful set of flowers and the biggest balloons LITERALLY EVER.
  3. The student who inspired me to get off my behind and write this blog for a month (whether he knew about it or not) came into my room singing “Happy Birthday” to me because (as he showed me) my birthday was set into his reminders on his phone.
  4. A fellow teacher called my classroom and put me on speakerphone so that her entire class could sing happy birthday to me.
  5. Several improv-cookies were bought for me (perhaps because I always steal a part of their cookies when they bring them into my class… ::guilty:: )
  6. The vice president of the senior class came into my room and dumped circa 20 snacks on my desk that he had just bought from another teacher (background information: he eats ALL of my snacks…).
  7. A student made me cupcakes from a recipe that her great-grandmother passed down to her.
  8. Hugs from students.
  9. Well wishes from students and coworkers.
  10. A text from a (currently suspended) student who just wanted to make sure his well wishes were said on the right day.
  11. Poetry project where each student had their own poem assigned to them (Differentiation: party of 25) allowed me to talk to more of them one on one about their own insight.
  12. Said poetry project that invited them to also include their favorite song in an analysis began a great conversation about Maroon 5 (Dear Adam Levine, sing to me and teach my classes!) . This included a student who rarely adds to discussion (teacher win!).
  13. My usual lunch buddies brought in a cake!
  14. The school chili cook-off was today. All the students in the Culinary classes get into groups and create their own chili for the faculty and staff to taste and judge.
  15. During the chili cook-off, not only was I serenaded once I got there by the ENTIRE room full of students and teachers, but I was serenaded AGAIN right before I left with a candle in the dessert course.
  16. Also, I was brought cupcakes at the chili cookoff!
  17. My debate class sang to me.
  18. The boys’ chorus class (lead by the AMAZING chorus teacher) came into my sixth period and sang “This Love” by Maroon 5 (one of the members of the chorus is in my second period class 😉 ) and then Happy Birthday.
  19. The awesome card that I’m not sure how a lot of my students and a bunch of seniors signed. There were the usual “Happy Birthday”s which were great and there were also a bunch of great notes from unexpected students.
  20. My grandmother made an awesome dinner and family and friends were privy to the usual birthday/family gathering shenanigans.
  21. My dad and brother chatting in general always makes me happy.
  22. My mother showing all the food in her mouth to everyone at the table just to piss my grandmother off.
  23. Presents (lol)
  24. Facebook posts.
  25. Texts from past students who have graduated already.
  26. Got home for NCIS (Dear Michael Weatherly, WELL FREAKIN’ DONE!)
  27. Slice of life to reflect. (coincidentally finishing at the number of my age)

I feel like I forgot something because there were so many awesome parts of the day. If I forgot something, it’s not because it didn’t matter! I’ll add if I remember!

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4 Responses to It’s my Birthday and I can Slice if I want to

  1. elle1955 says:

    You wrote the list with the energy and detail that each item deserved. And clearly, you are loved! Happy birthday!

  2. Sounds like a spectacular day! Love the list and how you highlight the wonderful–especially students and how they give back so much when we show them we care.

  3. Sarah Cline says:

    What a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us. Happy birthday!

  4. Beth says:

    And that was just in 24 hours!

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