The Starbucks Smell

Why is it whenever I go to Starbucks, I leave smelling like Starbucks? I escaped to the coffee haven (where I drink tea…) after school to get some grading done before dinner. Let’s not like, if I went home, I was only going to sleep.

I think that the Starbucks that I choose to grade at on the regular is possibly the coldest Starbucks ever. I don’t know if that makes the coffee smell more intense, or what? Either way, about the time that I start getting a headache from the intensity of coffee and below freezing temperatures – it’s time to go.

There’s a certain level of success as I leave the Starbucks. I succeeded at so many things:

– Grading 100 nine-weeks projects.

– not telling that guy on a speakerphone what I thought about his being on a speakerphone

– managing not to go and hug the older couple who were drinking coffee, holding hands and reading the paper

– not fan-girling the waiter from a local restaurant (that I clearly frequent) who came in for coffee and a chat with his roommate (best friend? acquaintance? favorite barista?)

– not telling the group next to me where they should go to eat when they were debating out loud

– not jumping in the group next to me’s self-photos that they were instantly sharing on all kinds of social media networks

– and not freezing my nose off!

All in all a successful moment. Not a situation that equaled angels descending from the heavens, but I think there was definitly a fanfare of wind in the trees at least.

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6 Responses to The Starbucks Smell

  1. Jone says:

    I love the restraint to not jump into a picture or offer advice where to eat. I love their tea.

  2. Success is a powerful focus! The line about the older couple you wanted to hug reminds of a pom by about just such a couple hovered over a broken purse at a cafe table. Will see if I can find it.

  3. Speaker phone in Starbucks?!!? That certainly is a no-no.

  4. Beth says:

    Which bucks? Maybe I’ll come grade with you sometime!

  5. Def success in not telling loud talker on cell phone to pipe down! I rage internally at those types!

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