Window Shopping Thoughts

Not much productivity today – but a lot of window shopping! Little thoughts that ran through my head today while at a bazillion (literally) different stores:

–          Why is this child not with his mother, and why is he following me around?

–          At the Target Refreshment Area, the ‘small’ fountain drink – is literally SMALL. So short. Like 10 sips of Diet Coke (which, perchance, is exactly the amount of sips I needed).

–          Why are shoes so expensive?

–          Why do I always want to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond when I don’t have my coupons on me?

–          Thank Goodness that accident happened in front of me and not TO me, especially because my friend was in the car BEHIND me. (Also, though the accident wasn’t massive, I hope that everyone in that situation is okay)

–          Someone remind me to dress in my fancy jeans next time I go to the Millenia area – everyone is so put together and I’m over here like “what? I got dressed…”

–          I was the coupon fairy to a very nice gentleman at Olive Garden (I had extra coupons that are going to expire, why not?)

–          Why do I leave my debit card in the sign-y thing-y (technical term) circa EVERYTIME I pay for food with it?

–          Why don’t I know how to get around Orlando, where I have lived my WHOLE LIFE, without my phone GPS?

–          No matter when you go, IKEA is ALWAYS busy – but you have to go. Because it is awesome. 

And last, but not least: how did it get this late? And: why is it already the Thursday of my spring break? 


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2 Responses to Window Shopping Thoughts

  1. I, too, can’t believe that it is Thursday (well, technically Friday) of Spring Break. Where did all the time go? I think that my naps and lack of work have taken over and now I have stuff to do these last few days (which include my birthday and Easter…ugh!)…Anyway, enjoy your last few days…after all (as my friend says) getting through break gets us closer to June…

  2. I’m so glad you weren’t in that accident! I hope that small child did not follow you home for Easter. You list brightened my day.

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