Slice 31 (ish)

Easter Sunday rounds out this writing month and it’s been a good one.

A few standing thoughts before my mind is consumed with FCAT (2 WEEKS!!?!?) and graduation preparations (2 months exactly!?!?!):

–          Is it entertaining to anyone else that school (for me) resumes on April Fool’s day?

–          Annual egg hunt was super successful this morning and should be just enough candy to last me through …. The week (I mean… two weeks… sure… ;)) .

–          Why is the week AFTER Spring Break always the one that has the nicest weather?

As I continue the preparation for the fourth nine weeks and take a necessary nap (yet, a bad decision because I’ll never sleep tonight!) I’m thankful for those around me. I’m thankful for the teachers that helped me get here, the teachers that challenge me to do things like this, and thankful for people who don’t call themselves teachers (but are anyway).

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5 Responses to Slice 31 (ish)

  1. Yes, we return to school on April Fool’s day, too, with the added insult that it was supposed to be off until we had one last snow day before break. Oh well, maybe I can think of a good prank for my students.

  2. It is a bit ironic that school resumes on April 1! Looking forward to future writings!

  3. You made it! I LOVE that you took on the blogging month and conquered it! I hope to see you on Tuesdays as the Slice of Life continues. Cheers!

  4. Congrats to you for participating in the SOLSC. I’d like to inform you that you won a prize from Heinemann. For more info please go to Kindly send me your complete mailing address (stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com) so I can send it over to my contact at Heinemann.


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