There are no words

Okay so I don’t have a full story I just have a bunch of mini things from one of my class periods today.

I had a ridiculous headache in a class and when they came in I may have had my head down (just for a sec! it hurttttttt!). They all walked in and one of them came and patted me on the head. One of them kneeled next to me and asked what was wrong. When I replied that my head hurt (I may have said it in a 3 year old tone….what?… totally normal…) he leaned over and said a Spanish saying over me. I asked what it meant and he said “it doesn’t really translate well, but just know that it means feel better and my mom says it to me when I feel bad” (it is particularly important to my day as I write this because I just NOW remember that his mother currently lives in Venezuela…).

I started my teaching in that class period by laying on a table and going over the bellwork. I have done this before (I’d like to say I do it to encourage everyone to be comfortable, as usually it prompts at least 2 kids to put their feet up, but today it was simply so I didn’t have to be vertical) and so they just went along and answered my questions and added to discussion.

Their quote bellwork today had something to do with having a voice and not being afraid to speak up when one doesn’t understand or know something. I encourage all to share any stories that go along with our quote bellwork to try to get them to own them. Today I shared that someone had given me the “advice” to keep my mouth shut and stop asking so many questions about teaching and then I’d make it through the year. (yeah, yeah, I know, clearly I need to reintroduce myself to this human as they do not know me in the least) I asked them if I should stop asking questions. They didn’t even let me finish without someone saying “who said that?” or “Want me to talk to whoever this is?” and then proceeded with why they thought having a voice was important. (p.s. I didn’t tell them who told me that “advice”. I like to think I know better.)

And then. In our discussion – a student who rarely raises her hand, did so and answered a question. She used her voice.

And just now, one of my students from that class just emailed me checking to see if I was okay.

I had a headache today. And a heart full tonight.

They only give me the good ones.

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5 Responses to There are no words

  1. Lennye says:

    Those are the moments that make us go on!!! Hope your headache is better.

  2. scanloe says:

    I love your last line…and keep asking the questions….that is what learning on all levels is about…who needs that reminder? Glad you are feeling better and posting!

  3. Suzanne Gibbs says:

    That is so sweet of your kids! Shows you’ve invested in them and they are returning the care you have given. 🙂

  4. Amy Boyden says:

    “a student who rarely raises her hand, did so and answered a question. She used her voice.”- I love this.
    and this: “I had a headache today. And a heart full tonight.” made me smile those two images

  5. spillarke says:

    I’m with Beth on this one. Keep talking. Keep questioning. Keep pushing for that is how we learn and connect and grow. You’re a good one too.

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