Today one of my closest friends had a baby. She is perfect and sweet and as I had a cold, I wasn’t going to make a trek to Melbourne for part of the evening to get the baby sick – so instead I’ve spent a lot of time this evening Face-Timing my friend and her husband and slowly liking and commenting on every single facebook photo I see (yeah, I fully recognize they are the same photo shared 4 times as I’m facebook friends with moms and dads and sisters of that family). As this is the first of two babies entering my life (not mine, don’t look at me that way! wouldn’t that be funny though? If THIS was how I told my mother? lol… what? no? well luckily: not pregnant) within the next two weeks, the scatter brain and excitement for my friends has sunken in and I’ve just decided to use today’s post for some brainstorming for future posts. Is that weird? So since I’ve been Slicing (you know, my whole 1.2 times doing it so far, #expert, lol jk), I randomly come up with titles in my head for future blog postings that I could write.

Random Ramblings for possible future post titles:

– The girls I teach

– The boys I teach

– What do you take me for? (probably wont write this one, too aggravating and..and…and..)

– Self Actualization Moments

– Inspiration Boards

– Behind in Life (rewriting this one in my head to be more um… viewer friendly :))

– I Love Lucy

– Debating the Real Issues

– Brotherly Love

– Under Construction Forever

– Words I hate

– Why do I create the cheesiest post titles? (not really a future post title, but probably an existential question for years to come 😉 )


Hmm.. what else?

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3 Responses to Slice-Tastic

  1. spillarke says:

    Titles are so hard for me to come up with, so I really liked reading your list of them. I Love Lucy nade me chuckle. Congratulations to your friend and to you as you welcome new ones into the world!

  2. Like your blog title, as the mother of a dancer it has meaning beyond measure. Your writing voice is very engaging. I love your voice! You can never comment on posts about babies enough or maybe you can. Not in my eyes anyway!

  3. Beth says:

    Good way to figure out what to write…Fefee makes lists just like that ..I just ramble.

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