Sunday Night Wishes



Gearing up for the coming week. Surrounded by ungraded papers, piles of laundry, stacks of dishes.

Cuddling with my dog. Watching the NCIS marathon on USA. Pretending that this week isn’t going to be a long one.

I would like to be on vacation.  With a hammock somewhere (do I even like hammocks? they should be more comfortable than they are). I’d like there to be soup, and steak and potatoes.

I’d like there to be no alarm to wake up to and no laundry to fold (I’m totally okay with doing the laundry, but the putting it away part is rough).

Someone make that happen.

Pretty please?

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12 Responses to Sunday Night Wishes

  1. marc-aureled says:

    I can relate to your list of wishes! A comfy hammock, warm breeze and a pile of books would be heaven!

  2. Jaana says:

    Have you visited my house this weekend? Your description was eerily similar to what I see around me. NCIS has changed to Leverage:)

  3. lisamaples says:

    I have a Pinterest page of Pretty Places just so that I can look at them when I need a moment to myself and just dream about being there. Mental breaks are good for us. All that other stuff gets sorted as I can get to it. Just as the sink gets cleaned out at my house and dishes get washed in dishwasher, I see that another pile is forming in the sink. Sometimes I just smile knowing that I will never be caught up.

  4. valsgalore says:

    “do I even like hammocks?” I haven’t ever been in one, but honestly, they don’t look like they’d be very comfortable. Like how do you keep your spine properly aligned in something like that!? I wonder about all the hammock hype.

    • krystinicole says:

      I feel like I’ve been in hammocks and then just wished for a legit bed. Perhaps if I was in an impressive hammock with a full cushion instead of a rope situation? lol

  5. Beth says:

    Poof! Hmmm must have flunked that class at Hogwarts! So much for magical realism!

  6. mgminer says:

    I’m right there with you.

  7. mgminer says:

    PS – I love the name of your blog:)

  8. No joke, as I walked in from the parking lot today I was wondering if the trailer would support a hammock strung between the roof support poles. Seriously. I imagined a lunch-time nap, a fleece snuggly… the works; it made me smile as I unlocked the door in the dark. Vacation is coming! Just as we dream of school’s start in July, we must be dreaming of vacation. Surely the sock drawer can hold out for another eight days?!

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