Battle of Epic Proportions

This afternoon I have brought home a lot of work. However, it is Wednesday and that means my brother comes over and we watch tv/movies and he and my dog chill while I multitask.

Today, we have watched a few Two and a Half Men episodes as well as some other random comedies.

He goes to order Catching Fire. I say “I haven’t seen it, so let’s not watch it right now. I won’t get anything done.” The battle has begun.

He goes to order Syriana. Me: “So… the reason we aren’t watching Catching Fire is the same reason I don’t want to watch Syriana.”

Him: “You wouldn’t even like Syriana.”

Me: “-_-“

Him: “Right….”


Me: “-_-    um no.”

Him: “True Detective Binge fest then.”

Me: “Fine, I’ll watch Catching Fire.”

Him: “Nope, I’m watching it without you later. You better be outwardly sad about it. We are watching Game of Thrones.”

He literally puts the remote IN HIS POCKET to go take the dog out/smoke. As if I won’t get up and change the channel directly on the cable box (he’s right, it wont happen, I’m not leaving this spot unless it’s for Chocolate).

He starts to walk out of the door as I say, “I have The Skulls recorded” (Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Craig T Nelson, crew boats, secret societies). Check-Mate.

“Fine! But THEN I get to start Game of Thrones.” BOOM.

::mental victory lap around the room:: (what? I told you I’m not getting up; not even for a victory lap.)


(going back to work now, I promise)

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2 Responses to Battle of Epic Proportions

  1. Beth says:

    Love siblings!

  2. I love that you spend time with your brother every week. I wish mine lived close–I hear echoes of us in your stories and miss him.

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