One of my seniors recently earned admission into the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!). I was very proud of her and told her that we could sit down and talk about all her opportunities. She came to me last week and asked me if I knew anything about the LEAD Scholars program (leadership program) on campus and if it was worth it.

I almost flipped a table in joy (that’s why people flip tables, right?..what?). I couldn’t help the immediate word vomit: (try to read this in one breath) they gave me a place on campus, I had my first class ever with them, I have life long friends, I learned to be a better leader, I gained teaching experience and had opportunities to lead on campus but you have to want to get something out of it to make it happen. This is college, they aren’t going to make you appreciate something. I was enthralled with the idea that she was interested in a program I had been in.

10 minutes worth of nostalgia later and she was excited about the opportunity as well (win!).  I related it to her, as she is quieter than I am (super hard to be, I’m sure…) and had some doubts. I quickly texted all my friends from the program and told them of her interest and our conversation.

Tonight I had a delightful (distracting, and delicious) dinner with two friends from that program; one a fourth grade teacher and the other works for a non profit organization. We met ten years ago (I brought up that number today because apparently I make mean decisions) and I could not have asked for these friends. I was unaware I needed these friends at the time but they were there when I didn’t think I needed anyone (big college princess doesn’t need new people!).

Our group is wider than three. In the past decade we’ve attended parties, weddings, baby showers, family funerals and house project gatherings together. We’ve group danced in the homecoming skit and fed eachother’s animals when someone is out of town.

Stable or unstable. Blonde or brunette. Single or Taken. These people are there for me and I for them. I’m not saying that they are the only ones in my life that fit this category (I’m definitely a very, very very blessed individual), but I’m saying that I’m glad they are in my life and I’m excited about the opportunities my seniors have right on the horizon.




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3 Responses to LEAD

  1. dawnaguilar says:

    Sounds like a great reason to flip a table. We need more girls (young women) in leadership roles. It is wonderful that she has you to help guide her.

  2. Beth says:

    How exciting! It was meant to be.

  3. Love the enthusiasm and that you get to connect with a current students over her future plans. Score!

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