This week by some numbers (just a few of the many numbers this week because math is hard):

30 classes taught

5 planning periods/lunches spent selling Grad Bash ticket sales

45 x 8 grad bash tickets sold (what? I said math was hard…)

101 Independent Study Projects turned in today

53 AP essays to grade this weekend

1 parent teacher conference

1 community college student observing my class

1 impromptu parent/teacher conference in a hallway

5 slice of life posts …

5 days ’till my birthday

7 days ’till Spring Break



12 minutes ’till sleep.

scratch that: 6 slice of life posts.

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5 Responses to Numbers

  1. jennieb says:

    7 days until Spring Break! Yay! Plenty of time to grade the 101 independent study projects 😦

  2. I love this strategy. Simple numbers can really say a lot!

    And — a happy pre-birthday to you!

  3. Great list! I love how you used numbers as your inspiration. Clever.

  4. I love your math format. I might try this for one of my posts. When you list a week by numbers, I feel how tired you must be. You are a busy teacher!! Happy early birthday!

  5. scanloe says:

    Yeah! The odds are in your favor!

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