If you are not as of yet aware, I really like making lists. Today’s list:

Things that caused my headache today:

1-3. Someone telling the senior class the ABSOLUTELY WRONG date for their last day of school.

4. Starting to tell teachers that they didn’t make the chaperone cut off for Grad Bash this year.

5. Putting in a lot of make up work grades for I-forgot-to-work-all-nine-weeks excuses.


Things that diverted my headache today:

1. My second debate class taking the create your own country activity super seriously.

2. My friend saying “well, you don’t really like to wear the same clothes all day long” – a little self actualization via someone else. I do enjoy a good costume change.

3. When telling my principal of my solution to the situation that created 1-3 in the headache list, she fist-bumped me and said “good job.” I will never deny that one of my major love languages is Words of Affirmation.

4. Handing out the certificates to the first of my students in debate team who have made it into the National Forensic League officially.

5. Hearing them talk about how they’d like to make debate team stronger next year.

6.  Chili making day in foods class. My students miss the day of class but DANG the chili was good this year :).

7. Tylenol.

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4 Responses to Lists

  1. Cathy Sankey says:

    Love the way you find humor in the day, particularly in all of those things that make up a high school day, every day. The list format makes your blog short and enjoyable to read and really fits the timeline of the day. Thanks for sharing the good and bad.

  2. Cathy says:

    Thank goodness the things to divert the headache outweigh the things that brought it on today.

  3. spillarke says:

    I thought headaches were banished on birthdays! Harrumph, glad this one got diverted before too long.

  4. Beth says:

    I love lists…check out other list lovers at

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