Break for Charming

The day before Spring Break is always beautiful chaos.

Everyone is counting down the minutes. The students that have become aggravating and restless are charming and all smiles. Today was pretty chill.

I have all my grades done (as of three minutes ago) and have uploaded them into the system. My kitchen is VERY CLEAN (yeah, I did that BEFORE I graded – just something that I needed to do that was mindless). Now, I’m moving on to my kitchen table, which is the figurative junk drawer of my apartment.

I still have teacher workday tomorrow, but I’m excited for spring break. I’m excited to have a clean apartment. I’m excited for reading fun books. I’m excited.


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One Response to Break for Charming

  1. Beth says:

    Have a stack of books to read over spring break! Checked them out while the librarian was out today! Went way over the limit.

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