Birthday Surprise

As it’s been a little less than a week since my birthday, so let’s recap the awesome parts:

1. Balloons, candy, LOTS of singing, and some great smiles from students and peers.

2. Great dinner with family and some friends made by my grandmother.

cut to Saturday :

an Epic surprise adventure put together by three of my best friends including:

 – presents for my London/Paris trip (in July) that were far (FAR) too generous

 – lunch in a French café (such a freakin’ good sandwich)

 – good chill time in the gazebo that looks like we are in a mini French landscape

 – a good dart game at a British Pub (make that great as my team won) (including berets)

 – a super surprise Pirates Dinner adventure (as I’ve been talking about going to a dinner show for like… ever)

 – finishing the night at another British Pub in Pointe Orlando with a nice chill ending

As they do not get to come along with me on this journey in July, they planned this phenomenal surprise to prepare me for the trip as well as to have a mini version of it while we were all together.

I’m a very blessed girl. My birthday was awesome.

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One Response to Birthday Surprise

  1. scanloe says:

    Glad that u are able to keep celebrating! Happy Happy!

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