Pinterest Problems

I joined Pinterest.


YESTERDAY. (I’m behind on the times. I also use the term “whippersnapper” and call people from my rotary phone.)


I have pinned one thing (basically the one thing I joined Pinterest for that I could probably have googled..) and now what? This is why I’m bad at Boggle. I can spell relatively well, but I can’t create words out of thin air (don’t even get me started on Word Jumbles at Trivia). My friends who are Pinterest Professionals tell me to search for things that interest me. There are FAR too many options for that! And I don’t understand why some links don’t take me where I want them to go?

I do feel like if (when?) I actually figure out how to work Pinterest, I may lose a lot of productivity time. I can imagine pages full of food recipes, teaching ideas, unnecessary celebrity news, and a whole page dedicated to my future husbands (Luke Bryan, Kevin Smith, Theo James, etc..).


Perhaps this is a bad idea.

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2 Responses to Pinterest Problems

  1. scanloe says:

    Come to the dark side! We all need more shallow time wasters!

  2. Nf says:

    It is a bit of an addiction, I must admit… I go in spurts I find and it gets forgotten about when the going gets busy… You’ll find things in the main page that will interest you, and you will find people to follow… My husband gets tired of hearing, “so I saw this thing on Pinterest…” Because it usually means work for him!

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