How do you know these things?

I’m 28. (almost 29..)

My mother regularly receives phone calls and texts from me about random aches and questions about situations and answers all of my questions as if she has a medical degree with a specialist diploma in life. She keeps me from the dreaded WebMD and says that taking a shower and putting my head in the freezer (not in that order, and not usually in the same instances) will fix most of my problems. Weirdly, when I do either of these things, I usually do feel better. Which is interesting because she also solves most of her medical problems lately with popsicles.

A couple of months ago, I was at a debate tournament with my students and a couple of teachers. I felt HORRIBLE. I was irrational and achy and thank goodness my parents were texting because I was a mess. Thank extra goodness that I had a teacher there that took my hand and calmed me out of my melodramatic plague bought of ridiculousness, told me I wasn’t having a heart attack and that I needed to calm down. I told her that as long as she thought I was fine, then clearly I was, because for some reason she was the authority of sickness at that moment. (You can find her Slicing at this link: )

Last week one of my students had a seizure in the lunchroom while helping me do things for seniors. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified but helped her through the process (she’s out of the hospital now). I chatted with my principal about the process and if I could talk to the student about it if she asked. My principal was helpful and explained a little bit of seizure facts and helped me with my own questions.

Regularly, I ask my friend medical questions because I have it in my head that she is not only one of the smartest people I know (very, very, very true), but also a medical authority in my life.

So my question is: Is there a “How to be a grown up” class that I’ve missed? I’d ask if it comes with being a mom but my friend whom I mentioned last isn’t a mother. Does it come with age? In all of these instances, I’ve wanted to say “HOW DO YOU GUYS KNOW THIS STUFF?” A class? A manual? A cute Jiminy Cricket-like presence?

Who has allowed me to live on my own and make adult decisions? Well, until I figure out how to sign up for the Life Class: Ice cream for dinner? definitely. Mac and cheese for breakfast? You betcha.

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5 Responses to How do you know these things?

  1. Dana Murphy says:

    Interesting question. Doesn’t seem to come with age. Or motherhood. Experience, maybe? Maybe some people have a “grown up” gene and others don’t!

  2. Tracey says:

    I think ice cream for dinner and mac and cheese for breakfast is one of the perks of being an adult! I realized I was grown up when I found myself rollerblading around the kitchen of my own house because it was fun and I wanted to. I have never put my head in the freezer, though! Should I?

    • krystinicole says:

      I highly suggest putting one’s head in the freezer. My mom usually tells me to do it when I can’t stop coughing and/or when my nose is stuffy. If either of these two things ail you, then have a go!

      I will now commence rollerblading through the kitchen!

  3. Beth Scanlon says:

    Motherhood and teaching make you a grown-up! Most of us are pretending really well.

  4. spillarke says:

    You are a grown up. Understanding and knowing comes from all sorts of places–teaching, motherhood, marriage, college, books, experience. There is not a thing wrong with asking either. Grown ups learn. Grown ups have questions. Grown ups know how to and where to look for answers. You do all of those things–often really, really well. Thanks for the link love and shout out. I am glad that anything I did helped you feel a little better that day.

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