Just one thing.

This morning I was having a pretty solid pity party for random reasons. Like the kind that has balloons and a full blown attitude problem. It permeated first period (bless them, they put up with so much lol) and was almost explosive by the time I realized that so many (upperclassmen) students were absent in second period. IHOP, I appreciate what you’re doing, but skipping class for pancakes is KILLIN’ me.

And then. Third period. More students were absent. At that point, I wasn’t even mad I was just stewing in my own angst and my own world yet I managed to let students be funny.

And then. Two students from other classes walked in with late passes to pick something up and I realized that they had just come from IHOP. I passive aggressively said “andddd did we bring me anything?” And in walked their friend, who is actually in my class, complete with a late pass. He. Brought. Me. Chocolate chip Pancakes. AND. A WHOLE. Bag. Of. Donuts.


I don’t particularly love pancakes (I reached a quota when I was young, so now it’s a few and far between situation), but stopped everything and I ate pancakes with my hands. Julia Roberts sitting on a table in Pretty Woman style. Breakfast of Champions.

I then had to pull this student aside and tell him that I was going to give an MVP award for our past Congress unit and explain to him that while he was fantastic, he was usually fantastic and he wasn’t going to receive the award. I didn’t want him clotheslined when I didn’t give it to him. He said “Actually, I don’t want to be MVP. I don’t want a bunch of people looking at me like that and then I can’t make any mistakes without people saying things. That’s a lot of pressure.” (There’s something in that too, but I won’t analyze that right now.) I told him who I wanted to give it to and he said, “ooh, can I present it to him?” All he wanted to do was present the award.

I have nothing else. That was the only thing. One extraordinary moment.

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3 Responses to Just one thing.

  1. Carolyn Carr says:

    What a great story! I love the image of eating the pancakes like in Pretty Woman! And what a great surprise that the student brought you back some pancakes and donuts. It’s not often we have these extraordinary moments, but how great that yours is immortalized on your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Laura Tatlow says:

    Bright moments in times of frustration are so priceless! They can turn everything around for us.

  3. spillarke says:

    Pretty darn extraordinary. I enjoyed the funny shift from angsty, angry to he brought you pancakes! Sweet. You are loved.

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