Writing and Mean Girls

Tonight I’m writing an essay so my students can see (theoretically) one last good example of an essay. I’m also watching Mean Girls. Because those two things go together (“Students, you need to be focused during your writing.”)


This stuff is hard.


My students have FSA Writes this week. I know that I took FCAT Writes when I was in high school, but this is almost like AP testing now. I hope my students are prepared, but also, I hope that they FEEL prepared too. Some of their negative thought processes get in the way of their actual good writing.


Here comes Captain Optimism. She’s super necessary this week. She’ll be making a reappearance in April for the reading test. She has a super fetch superhero suit and she’s really pretty (so you agree, you think you’re pretty?).


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2 Responses to Writing and Mean Girls

  1. spillarke says:

    I do agree, but I’m worried about how tight that suit may be. I’m a stress eater after all. It is important that students feel prepared. Good idea to remind them of how well they are prepared this week– I have been doing that too.

  2. Beth Scanlon says:

    They are prepared…they have been working hard and so have their teachers….good work Super-B

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