I needed to be inspired, so I ran to the Inspiration page on Two Writing Teachers and stole the “bedtime” idea.

It’s bedtime right now. Well, really I’d like for it to be bedtime right now, but it’s only 8:30.

I dropped my dog off at my parents’ house because I have a two day debate tournament starting tomorrow. So at some point I have to do laundry so that I can be like… dressed… at this debate tournament. As well as I should do some dishes because I’d like to not have THAT much cleaning to do before book club comes over on Sunday. but ya know.

bed. Also: You’ve Got Mail is On. I predict no more productivity.

Also also: what am I going to do when I don’t have to share my bed with my tiny dog who takes up so much space?

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3 Responses to bedtime

  1. Oh, I’m jealous of how you spent your evening! It sounds lovely!

  2. Beth Scanlon says:

    I will have to check the bedtime post too~ Where is this two day debate thing?

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