My Writing Space

Needed more inspiration so I’m writing about a take off from the Share Your Writing Space challenge. I don’t have a certain place I write. That would imply that I write on a regular basis.

I write all kinds of things in all kinds of places. I write in bed. I’m currently on the couch (because disturbing my dog who is currently on the bed seems cruel).

I think I do my best writing/monologue-ing in the car. I have whole conversations in my head. Sometimes about blog posts. Sometimes about lesson plans. Sometimes recreating conversations that I would rather they had gone more my way (I’m very good at arguments after the fact, and when the other person/student/stranger is not present.) I think my car is my most innovating space. It’s usually where I realize that a lesson plan that I had for the day needs something, or should be changed or simply can’t be done in general. It’s where I talk back to the commercials on the radio, willing them to go away. It’s where I imagine the shoes I will buy when I finally win the lottery. It’s my most creative space; where I write most of my thoughts.

Does that even count?

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3 Responses to My Writing Space

  1. Lori Carter says:

    Oh, it counts. Or at least it better, because I am sure I do my best thinking in the car, too, and that most certainly is a slice of my life. It’s to the point where I have the recorder app available on my phone and a small notebook that I can jot notes in once I’m at my destination. 🙂 It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  2. spillarke says:

    The car is definitely a creative space. I’ve tried recording things in the car, but I’m terrible at transcribing. Keep mining the idea spaces.

  3. Beth Scanlon says:

    The car really counts..I percolate my writing in the shower!

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