List of Laughs

Today’s list is what I’m choosing to laugh about today.

1. My student feigning fear while we read The Masque of the Red Death.

2. Some students mixing up the word “buffoon” with “baboon”. They chuckled when they realized their mistake.

3. A teacher coming in during lunch and saying how fantastic her lesson went today. (This is less of a laugh and more of a super big smile for her 🙂 ).

4. Flour babies have started making appearances with students who have Parenting and Childhood Education Classes.

5. How, weirdly, my laundry and dishes didn’t get themselves done while I was gone today.

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One Response to List of Laughs

  1. Beth Scanlon says:

    My robust laughter on Wednesday was with my friends….at school…my mentor teacher tries to laugh every day and immerse herself in humor and comedy because the world is hard enough…

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