Recommendation Letters

I love my students. There are very few who I would not write a recommendation for.

That being said, do ALL of them need recommendation letters? Can’t people just call me? It would be super amounts of awesome if I could talk to people for a few minutes rather than spend thirty writing a rec letter.

This probably makes me a horrible person.

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3 Responses to Recommendation Letters

  1. onathought says:

    Not horrible… realistic though! I can’t imagine having to write all of those letters. 😦

  2. spillarke says:

    It doesn’t make you horrible, no, but it makes me think about boundaries and how we help students call on , connect with or trust others instead of relying on a favorite few. Though you care about your students and they you, obviously, you sound a bit like you feel taken advantage of and I am sure that doesn’t feel good.

  3. scanloe says:

    The English teachers always write better too!

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