Ides of March

There are two sides to my Sundays during the school year.

The first is the Sunday where I’m relaxing by the pool, figuring out how I’ve worn all my clothes in the past week, and deducing exactly how I’ve used literally ALL of my kitchen utensils in the same amount of time. Its the time of the week when I just want to watch all the cooking shows and snuggle with the not-so-puppy.

And then is the second side of the Sunday. Where I figure out what I’m going to eat during lunch for the work week. I put in all the grades that are due by Wednesday and reconfigure lesson plans to make it to Spring Break. Attempting to do all the work that just simply hasn’t been done the past week when I was using all those utensils and wearing all those clothes.

This week is going to be an intense one in preparation for Spring Break so I should really be on the ball and get stuff done. It’s nice to do so in pajamas and not (currently) in a rushed state though.

Anyone interested in folding my clothes for me though? That part is yucky.

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2 Responses to Ides of March

  1. spillarke says:

    There are two sides to my Sundays too. I like how you phrased that. Hope the pool was nice and warm–it sure is a gorgeous day today.

  2. Beth Scanlon says:

    My Sunday looks pretty much the same…Getting up in the am to walk and get groceries with Jen then huddle the rest of the day doing work…It is going to be a long short week…

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