Thankful #?

Today I’m thankful that I’m preparing for a visit with people that I was fortunate enough to meet in London.

They are not from London, but we all share the experience of learning at the Globe. Teachers all around the nation (and even one from Italy) gathered together and added new best practices to their repertoire.

It’s there I learned to Fail magnificently (think: carpe diem) and with these people.

I’m very blessed.

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4 Responses to Thankful #?

  1. carolmcbroom says:

    Enjoy our time with your sweet friends and make more memories!

  2. agurney2015 says:

    It is truly a blessing when you are comfortable with failing and even better when you have friends to share that experience with. From these moments you will always grow.

  3. spillarke says:

    I want to hear more about that trip, your learning, those lucky people and the Globe of course. I’m thinking old school, slide show with narration (or captions would work too).

  4. Beth Scanlon says:

    Loving the fail miserably line…but carpe diem..doesn’t translate to to that…“Ultima aude. Magna perfice”.Dare to fail…achieve greatly…I took to many years of Latin….one of my hidden talents…

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