“Teaching Philosophy” Question For the Day

Okay, I have a teaching philosophy question. (or rather a bunch of questions on the same topic).

Why do we have students print something they’ve written?

Is it always necessary?

Do we HAVE to REQUIRE them to print it?

I understand the merits of having students type things, MLA format and all.

And I understand wanting to work with and write on the draft. So that’s one thing.

but if you aren’t going to do anything but grade it and give it back, what’s the point? Can’t students just email it to you? thus still having them practice their technology skills?

What about students who don’t have printers? Or don’t have a way to get to the media center to print something, which may or may not cost money?

I’m not complaining that I have to print things for students for other classes. It doesn’t matter to me and sometimes they are things like ACT tickets and definitely need to get done. My thing is that these students freak out and stress themselves out over how they are going to get these things printed (sometimes several times…) when it could be just as easily graded online. I guess I’m just searching for the purpose?

bah. ::gets off soap box::

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