Not-so-Fake Influences

All my life, I’ve been surrounded by teachers. It was definitely in the cards for me to become one.

While watching tv this morning (an exceptional line up for the usual lameness), I realized the fake teachers that really helped me along my way to being the teacher I am or the teacher I want to be.

So I’d like to thank the following fake people:

Ms. Bliss and Mr. Belding (pre-Saved by the Bell)

Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist (Clueless)

Barbara Streisand’s Character in the Mirror has Two Faces

Mr. Feeney (Boy Meets World)

Snape, McGonnagal, etc (Harry Potter)

Ms. Honey (Matilda)

Ms. Norbury (Mean Girls)

Mr. Keating (Dead Poets Society)

Mr. Schuester (Glee)

Miss McKay (Mighty Ducks)

Katherine Watson (Mona Lisa Smile)

Amy Stone (Rachel McAdams in the Family Stone)

I’m sure there are more. I’m sure this is weird.

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6 Responses to Not-so-Fake Influences

  1. Darla & Jen says:

    We loved Richard Dreyfuss in Mr. Holland’s Opus.
    Darla & Jen

  2. Lori Sheroan says:

    Not weird at all! I love when TV teachers save the day or impart words of wisdom. Thanks for a clever post.

  3. It’s OK if it’s weird – it’s totally fun. Oh, Miss Honey!!!!

  4. Unique and fun!
    Your readers will enjoy these reminders, too.
    I’m glad Ms. Honey made in on your list 🙂

  5. What a fun idea to play with. All sorts of stories shape our teaching selves.

  6. scanloe says:

    Love the list! They are inspiring too!

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