Base Burn

Today I got my first sunburn of 2015.

A nice base burn for the coming season.


This slice thing is weird when I don’t have students to talk about. That’s probably a sign that I should get a life.


#teambaseburn #unnecessaryhashtags

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4 Responses to Base Burn

  1. Lori says:

    OH my, this is me. Without my students to write about I have to work much harder. I guess I should be thankful our spring break in in April.

  2. Marcie says:

    A sunburn is surely the sign that I need to bust out of this snow! We woke to s-n-o-w after being so hopeful for spring here in NY. I’d love to hear a slice on how you managed to sneak a little sunshine in!

  3. BSoltero says:

    Boo for getting sunburned! It’s crazy how our students find their way into different parts of our lives. I didn’t realize I talked about my students so much until a friend pointed it out to me!

  4. Beth Scanlon says:

    Where did you get the burn? Pool? Beach?

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