Middle of a War

Today I sat in the middle of a war.

I took my dog to my parents’ house and thus the chaos (as per usual) ensued.

My parents own four cats and a dog. The dog is rather large and gets pushed around by my diva dog.

One cat is afraid of everything. I see her at mealtimes.

The other three cats are related. And vicious. And tHEY do NOT like my diva dog.

So as one of them perched herself (himself? I actually have NO idea which of the grey cats this was.. there are too many) on the back of the couch I was sitting on and my dog sat at my feet. And by sat, I mean prepared to pounce.

Thus, making sure that my dog did not get mauled by cats today, is the reason no lesson planning got done.

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One Response to Middle of a War

  1. Beth Scanlon says:

    Any reason will do!

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