New Rules

When I’m in charge of the imaginary world I will mandate the following:

1. Oreos only come doublestuffed. I mean honestly.

2. Award shows can only be on Fridays or Saturdays. Why is it always Sundays? Annoying.

3. Girl Meets World can’t be this entertaining.

4. Work email can’t be accessed during Spring Break.

5. Recommendation Letters wouldn’t be needed ever (see before post).

6. All tubs would be garden tubs.

7. Jeans would be able to be worn all the time.

8. I’m sure there are more…

be prepared. There will be tiaras. prepare for the tiaras.

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3 Responses to New Rules

  1. marc-aureled says:

    I love your rules and will be happy to enjoy your world!

  2. Jeans whenever, wherever AND double-stuffed Oreos? Seriously, you’re in charge!

  3. spillarke says:

    Tiaras too!? Love that idea. Sparkle on, princess.

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