Self Actualization

Things I know about me.

1. My favorite colors are red and purple.

2. I think single stuffed Oreos are wastes (see yesterday’s post)

3. People think I’m bad at decisions, but I usually know what I want: I just want reassurance that what I want is an okay/good decision.

4. I don’t like doing dishes, but I really hate the drying part.

5. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I hate putting things on hangers. I just want them to put themselves away.

6. I don’t want to let people down.

7. I think if you think that you have everything down/know everything that you’re probably the farthest from that.

8. I don’t think you have to like someone to just simply be nice to them.

9. I wish Amy Sherman-Palladino and Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon would combine forces and make a movie or a series. This, I believe, would be epic.

10. I really like even numbers. So when I ran out of things I’m sure of for the moment, I had to create a 10th one.

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One Response to Self Actualization

  1. BSoltero says:

    This is great!! Especially #10…I would have done the same thing!!

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