Greatest Hits: Today’s Shakeup 

Well I had a list planned out of all my greatest hits and then today someone shook it all up by saying one of the nicest, weirdest compliments I’ve ever received.
They(adult) said “I don’t understand. How are you the way you are? Some teachers went to this school and they grew up in the same area as these kids – they get it. You went to a high school with the exact opposite makeup of people – yet you still get down to the level of these kids and know they’ll need more than 2 chances.” 
My response? “What do you mean? Doesn’t everyone deserve more than 2 chances? Don’t you have to earn respect no matter what part of town you live in?” 
Her retort? “Yes yes yes, but you know what I mean” 
I guess I get it from my parents and the people I grew up with. They acknowledge the differences in people but don’t let their judgements (because if we’re being honest, passing judgment on anyone really is hard NOT to do – oh? I’m not supposed to say that out loud? I know people aren’t perfect- I’m sure not) — but they didn’t let their judgements get in the way of being nice to people. And that’s how I like to see all people. 
Like I said, it was one of the nicest, weirdest things that is ever been said to me.

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2 Responses to Greatest Hits: Today’s Shakeup 

  1. I love how you acknowledge judgement and explain how the door to doing is still always open. I am with you on chances. Chances to do good or to the right thing or to demonstrate we know something or to make up an assignment go well beyond seconds.

  2. scanloe says:

    That’s what makes you great with kids and teachers!

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