Donuts, socks and formal evaluations

This is not a greatest hit. This is simply just a day in the life. Today in fact. The day when I had my formal evaluation and I scheduled it for the last period of the day. Because I make awesome decisions. 

My kids were their normal selves but to a heightened degree. They all wanted to answer questions, but no one wanted to raise their hands. My lesson in general went fine, but I didn’t finish and didn’t get to the part she needed to see. 

She did, however, find out just how many times people call me for asinine reasons regularly (I’m not talking about those of you that call me for legit reasons. I.e. Anyone reading this really) 

Also today is the day that I would take another step into adulthood and get a primary care doctor (yeah, I know I should’ve had one already..). So I figure I need to fast all day so I can do the bloodwork. And you know what I did? I ate a donut. And I didn’t even realize it. 


It wasn’t even a good donut. 

It was a big a-ha for me to realize how unconsciously I eat. But then I gave up, ate lunch and still I sat in the doctor’s office. And there: in a paper gown and my underwear, is when I realize I have two different socks on.


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5 Responses to Donuts, socks and formal evaluations

  1. vendija723 says:

    Oh man! I could TOTALLY not notice I was eating a sub-par donut. And yes, the things that pop up during observations are never quite what we are expecting. On the plus side, mis-matched socks are kind of a thing right now. Your doctor has seen it before!

  2. lizzypru says:

    Love this – some days just happen like this. Your sense of humor really shows through your writing.

  3. Akilah says:

    Oh, man. What a day. I am sure that if I had not eaten all day, it would be very easy for me to eat a donut (or anything else really) without realizing it until after it happened. Hope your bloodwork comes back okay.

  4. scanloe says:

    But did you love Dr. Frank? She doesn’t care about such things! I rarely call…I just show up and I look in the window first! Keep the words going!

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