That 5k life

Not a greatest hit but a good day: today my school had a 5k to raise money for senior scholarships. It was the inaugural run and I think it was a great start! We raised enough money for a $500 scholarship for a senior! 

I say “we”. 

But I didn’t run. 

I just showed up for moral support.

And to help supervise while the person who put the event together ran the actual course. 

Oh. And to give my moola. 

That means “we” right? Lol. 

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3 Responses to That 5k life

  1. It absolutely means “we”!! The support team is just as important as the runners! Congrats on raising so much money!

  2. I would be the same person as you! Running is not my thing. But giving your support definitely counts as “we” in my book, so good job.

  3. scanloe says:

    Just showing up always counts!

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