Spring break mini confession

I think this is going to turn into a bigger post later but here’s a spring break confession for you: 
All I want to do this week is go around public places in the middle of the day and ask people what they do for a living. They can’t all be teachers, right? 

Headlines will read “random crazy teacher runs around park asking people what they do to be able to see the sunlight in the middle of the day on a regular basis” 

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3 Responses to Spring break mini confession

  1. Elana Waugh says:

    I am so jealous that you are on break this week. I have two more weeks. I would read the article if the headline read that.

  2. JudyK says:

    So funny! I love it! ~JudyK

  3. Beth Scanlon says:

    I know right? What do these people do that allow them to be out and about all day?

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