End slice by the numbers 

My final Slice as told by the numbers of my day (thanks Beth for me stealing your idea): 
2 students/past students who have died in the past 24 hours

1 student who almost had to be Baker Acted

2 teachers that I may have accidentally put into shock from the above information

0 white tables that I could find this morning for the emotional situations 

50 white tables that should have been available

7 appetizers made for a birthday dinner I’m throwing tonight 

5 hours of sleep. 

1 student who told me I was old in front of the class 

1 student in the same class who told me I looked tired/stressed

26 students who yelled at both students who said I was old and stressed 

3 periods spent displaced from my classroom because they are testing in there

1 senior who stood up in the middle of my directions this morning and proclaimed she had to pee 

3 students who were listening to the Duck Tales theme song in class

27(?) days left for seniors 

31 slices completed as of today 

93 comments on other slices

8 slices I planned, but never wrote 

A million fart sounds that were made by my shoes today that I realized during a real quiet part of class time
Congrats to everyone for getting to the end 🙂 I’m just happy getting to the end of the day


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