I legit was sooooo close to forgetting! 

The first day back from spring break and I’m so tired. 

I’m just going to sit here and watch Trevor Noah’s comedy Special “Afraid of the Dark.”Hilarious. Do it. But dang it, I posted! 

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5 Responses to Ahhh

  1. We’re so close to the end. You can do it!

    Enjoy your spring break!

  2. Eliza Earhart says:

    This has been me the last three nights. It’s so close to the end!

  3. dandre3 says:

    So glad you found a way to write today!

  4. Jen Driggers says:

    Glad you made it! I was close to missing tonight too. I had my idea, but got distracted by doing dishes! We’re so close.

  5. Beth Scanlon says:

    Good work posting! It’s tough some dayz!

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