I’d like to take a minute away from my regularly scheduled post series to pronounce my undying love to…gnocchi. I mean Eric. Definitely Eric. Lol 

Full disclosure: I’m going full on girly for this post so proceed with caution. 

Today is my boyfriend and my first anniversary together. No big deal right? Well, for my relationship inept self, it’s a huge deal. I’ve heard plenty of people say that the movie The Holiday is so unrealistic. I find that notion crazy because I like to think that I’m some sort of weird hybrid of both female characters.  I always found the inaccessible guy and when it didn’t work out, I wouldn’t cry. With the boyfriend before Eric, he broke up with me and when my friends came over to console me all I could think was “dangit, he broke up with me right before dinner. I’m hungry.” I’ve never made it to a first anniversary. 

But now, I cry all the time. What? lol I’m a mess! Bless Eric for walking through it regularly. It’s usually when I’m telling him something that bothers me or when I’ve had a bad day. I’ve never been this honest with a boyfriend. (That’s horrible – I know, but I wanted to be agreeable – that’s how you keep a man, right?) But I’m super honest with him. It’s super hard on my must-make-everyone-happy chromosome. I’m really thankful I feel comfortable being honest with him. He has shown me nothing but unconditional love and I’m super happy with the human I am with him. I like to think we are the best team. 

Here is a picture of our fantastic dinner at Cooper’s Hawk Winery. I had the gnocchi ;). 
Thanks for putting up with my mushyness. 

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2 Responses to Year-aversary

  1. Eliza Earhart says:

    Congrats on your anniversary! I was in the same boat until I met my husband – he was my first first anniversary, too. I truly believe that relationships should be easy; they can have hard moments, but they should be easy. e

  2. Honesty for the win! So happy you are discovering your best selves together! Happy anniversary you two!

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