I don’t want to

I don’t want to.

  • go back to school from Spring Break.
  • clean out my clothes/shoes.
  • make lesson plans for fourth quarter.
  • do dishes.
  • finish this blog posting…
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Gryffindor moment for a Hufflepuff

My only gryffindor moment ever: Today I ran towards a huge dog with no owner and no tags. And then in about thirty minutes me, Eric and three Camden maintenance men fed him a whole bag of treats and the maintenance guys just happened to remember where he lived. 

(How do you remember that sort of thing? We have some awesome maintenance men.)   

He went to the apartment where he thought the dog lived. He had opened the door while his owner was asleep and just decided to go run around. — I guess really it’s still a hufflepuff moment because I didn’t want the dog to be taken to the pound or hit by a car. 

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Six word memoirs for the day

  1. So much laundry, so little time.
  2. Why wont these dishes wash themselves?
  3. I just want it to rain already.
  4. Ordered chicken at a burger joint.
  5. Sometimes I just want BBQ sauce.
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I got home just now and I realized that it was 11-freakin’-15. I ALMOST MISSED MY POST.


Lord have mercy.


So all I have for you right now is a thought I literally just had while booting up my computer:

I aspire to go to the places my Windows 10 Lock Screen takes me.

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Spring break mini confession

I think this is going to turn into a bigger post later but here’s a spring break confession for you: 
All I want to do this week is go around public places in the middle of the day and ask people what they do for a living. They can’t all be teachers, right? 

Headlines will read “random crazy teacher runs around park asking people what they do to be able to see the sunlight in the middle of the day on a regular basis” 

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Birthday photo essay

That birthday-with-the-family life. 

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A Love Letter to Post-Its

Dear Post-Its,

I love you. You’re the best invention ever. Better than sliced bread. I’d rather pull bread apart by the pinch than give you up.

When people hand me “post-its” and they are not your brand — it’s so sad.

You’re the best. You make my world more colorful – more organized and more messy at the same time.

Some people dislike you — the monsters!

I will love you forever.



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